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Can we just stop by for a quick visit? When are you open?

We don’t have regular open hours and are not staffed to host visitors other than our Airbnb guests. (See Ranchstays tab)

How can I buy your products?

We are not a commercial food business.

Where do we park?

If you are visiting for a scheduled event, please park on Big Pines Highway and walk down the driveway to our barn, which is about a 3 minute walk. We can make special accommodations for anyone who can’t make the walk—please send us an email for more information.

What’s the weather?

Our elevation is around 1 mile (5200 feet), so our weather is more like the weather in Wrightwood than the weather in most of Valyermo.

How are the road conditions?

Please check your route for road closures and chain requirements on the CalTrans website.

Are children welcome?

Absolutely! If you are coming for an event, please read the event description to determine age appropriateness. Ranchstays are great for all ages. Children must be supervised at all times while at the ranch.

Are pets welcome?

Please don't bring your pets to the ranch. Our livestock guardian dogs will consider your pet to be a potential threat to the herd and will act accordingly.

Is there a bathroom?

Yes, there is a bathroom with a flush toilet and hand wash sink. At the bottom of the driveway, walk left. The bathroom is located behind the wooden door in the stone structure on your left.

Where do we take our trash?

There is no trash service at the ranch. Whether you are visiting for an event or a Ranchstay vacation, please plan to take any trash you generate home with you for disposal.

Where are the nearest gas stations / grocery stores / restaurants?

The closest grocery store in Jensen’s in Wrightwood, about 30 minutes east by car. In Wrightwood you will also find a gas station and a few restaurants (Mexican food, pizza, bakery, steak house). To the west in the town of Pearblossom, you can find gas stations and some small restaurants, and more choices if you continue West to the town of Littlerock. We recommend that Ranchstay guests bring everything they need with them so they can enjoy their stay without spending more time driving. 

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