Angeles Crest Creamery

Resilient Mountain Agriculture


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Angeles Crest Creamery is a goat ranch in the San Gabriel Mountains, developing a low-input and

climate-change-resilient model for agriculture in Southern California. Through our events we provide educational opportunities for Angelinos interested in learning more about how food can be produced without imported or pumped water, using human's most time tested method of agriculture,  shepherding small ruminants in the mountains. Our work is funded by our educational events.


UPDATE: We have been closed to visitors since March due to the pandemic, and are now also recovering from infrastructure damage and lost forage land due to the Bobcat Fire. It will take years for our land to recover enough to tolerate browsing by the goats. You can help us feed the goats and protect the land during this time by becoming a Patron for as little as $4/mo or making a contribution to our hay fund. 





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Tel: 661-261-3221

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