Although we are now back on our ranch with the animals, most of the forage on our property has burned. We wll need to feed extra hay, probably for years, so we can make sure the burned areas of the ranch are allowed to recover properly. We will be working with the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, Lancaster office, regarding how to best steward the land during it's transition in the coming years to reduce erosion and support the re-establishment of native plant species. If you'd like to help the ranch during this time, you can "purchase" feed donations in $20 increments here. Thank you for your support and we hope we can welcome you back to the ranch soon. (It's going to ask you for shipping info and I can't turn it off! Don't worry, we won't ship you bales of hay.)
**INTERNATIONAL DONORS: our web site won't take your payment, but you can Paypal us at**

Bobcat Fire Hay Fund



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