Give your pet their BEST LIFE with 100% pure freeze dried organ meat. No fillers! Includes livers, hearts, and kidneys from goats browsing on a natural diet in the San Gabriel Mountains. No hormones or antibiotics. One pint jar of treats includes approximately 20 treats, and treats can easily be snapped into smaller sizes to make more. One pint jar of powder meal topper includes approximately 96 servings of 1tsp each.

Thank you for supporting small scale sustainable agriculture!


BEST LIFE Pet Supplement Box

  • The treats and powder are both freeze dried and sealed into jars with dessicant packs. Shelf life is more than 1 year unopened. Once opened, keep the lid tightly closed between uses to keep out moisture and maximize shelf life.

  • Treats for training, fun, and nutrition. Powder can be used as a topper on your pet's regular food to add nutrition and make the food more palatable. It's natural for a carnivorous animal like a dog or cat to have a fairly high percentage of their diet composed of organ meats, so it's unlikely that you will feed too much. Use the treats as often as you like, and we recommend adding at least 1tsp of power per meal for smaller dogs (25lb) and 1T power per meal for larger dogs (100lb). The pint jar contains approximately 96tsp. 

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